A thought on the cancellation of Club Nintendo

club nintendoAbout ten-twelve years ago or so, Nintendo’s website had a fully-functioning forum with accounts and a very active community. One of the features of your account was that you could register your games on the site. I can’t remember exactly when, but those forums eventually died off, but user accounts remained. You could still register products. There were no rewards or coins or surveys, just a simple registration followed by a ‘thank you!’. When Club Nintendo made its way to North America, all of those accounts were incorporated into Club Nintendo. We didn’t earn any coins retroactively for previously-registered products, but it kept the entire list and every game registered afterwards just added to it.

With all of our Club Nintendo accounts getting erased, that list may be lost forever. If, for whatever reason, you’re one of those people like me who has a massive ten+ year list of games dating back to the Gameboy Advance and GameCube and are weird enough to want to keep it for nostalgia reasons or whatever, now’s the time to go into your account, hit ‘registered products’, and copy that list down. I, for one, have a lot of things on there I no longer own. Like the serial number from my original DS that was stolen for drug money, and the Classic NES series Zelda games. Turns out my first registered products were my GBA SP and GameCube on April 10th 2004.