About Me

lol i can't drawHi everyone bothering to click this page! My name’s Claire and welcome to my little website. This site began life in 2007 as a dumping ground for various flash games I could then easily play at school, as well as school web projects. Sadly, with the advent of user-friendly templates and programs like Dreamweaver and WordPress kits, my web design ability that began in 2004 died after just three years of life. Oh well. This is much easier than coding by hand anyway. Now, The Lost M.D. is a dumping ground for various writing projects I do.

I’m a bit of a retro gamer and enjoy sharing that love in the form of occasionally writing a review or editorial on various gaming subjects. Anything I write ends up here, but some of the gaming articles have also been featured on a handful of gaming websites, including Gamnesia, ZeldaInformer, and most recently, RetroCollect.

I also have several unique writing projects going on at once, all of which will be posted here when they’re ready. Sometimes I’ll share a dream that I had, however bizarre it may be, and sometimes, it’ll be a new chapter of a short story.

Among the stories I have three book projects I’m working on, one of which is unnamed, and an ‘episodic’ serial called Jessie that gets about a chapter a month on average.

Thanks for checking out my site and if you like some of my work, leave a comment! Or if you hate it, leave a comment! I just want to see if my comment system is working. You’d do the same thing if you were me.