The Spirit of Avalanche, My New Project, & More

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Trying miserably to finish Chapter 7 of Jessie, I came across the chance to make one of my long-term ideas come to be. For a while now, I’ve been fed up with games writing as it is, with its impersonal emphasis on copying and pasting press releases, feeding rumors, pitting fans against fans with ‘with us or against us’ posting mentality, clickbait lists that care less about content and more about adding more pageclicks as people cycle through an article to the next part, and generally stifling the creativity and passion of writers in the name of ‘professionalism’. So I made my own site. With blackjack. And hookers.

I had originally hoped that several people would be involved in this idea behind me, together getting a couple articles a week on the site, but that didn’t really pan out. I’m more or less heading it alone for the time being. Some people just don’t want to write for free, even if it is just a passion project. But I guess that’s ok.

The new site,, is more focused on personal and shared experiences than regurgitating the same news every site on the board is talking about. The reviews, opinions, and editorials are meant to have a more personal touch to relate to readers because in the end my fictional authors and I are gamers too and we write about games because we want to share that passion, not make adclick revenue and fanboy all over specific things.

So I launched the site about two weeks ago with my grand opus, an article idea I had years in the making finally come to fruition for the sake of the new site. It’s my theory as to why Sonic the Hedgehog is the best story in gaming. It did fairly well for a brand new site, having about 120 views in its first week. I’m content with that. Things have slowed down though as the lack of writers becomes more and more apparent.

I wanted to write a blog about it here to let anyone know that from now on, my game articles will be posted exclusively to the new site. I won’t remove the existing ones posted here, but if you like my game articles, now’s the time to bookmark Avalanche. I’ve ported over all of my previous game articles too, so it’s all in one place.

Now that Avalanche has begun, things are winding their way back towards Jessie, Arcana, and a new, as of yet unnamed project. Motivation’s been a bitch this last month or two. I really want to finish Chapter 7 before moving on to the other stuff right now. It’s gotten so long that I’m worried it’s been driven way off course. I’ll try to wrap it up concisely as I can but I know it’ll have to be rewritten someday, just like Chapter 1. 7’s going to be posted in two parts due to length so keep an eye out for that. I’m really hoping to finish it soon.

Arcana’s been dancing around my head as well. There are so many possibilities for the story and how it can flow and I’m really afraid of oversaturating it with locations and events. I’ve got a lot of planning work to go on it still. Please be patient.

And then there’s the new project which probably won’t gain any ground until after Chapter 9 of Jessie is done. It also needs to be structured out, but the overall plot of the short story is already done. I am hoping to have it done and published before Arcana is done. Hopefully, if I’m happy with it in the end, I’ll be able to self-publish it on Lulu or Gumroad so people can read it on their ebooks and whatnot. Maybe I’ll even make a dollar on it! One whole dollar, that’s the dream right there.

So there’s the update. I am also considering deleting my tumblr account, as this cross-posting is the only use it gets. We’ll see how that goes, but I don’t know if Jessie will continue being cross-posted there.

Keep an eye out for Chapter 7 soon and head over to The Avalanche Rebels for some game stuff. Leave a comment there, and if you’re interested in the site’s direction and want to help me out with writing, please let me know! It’d really be appreciated.