Blizzity Blog, Yo! New category! Jessie update!

yo yo yo, aight, check it homies. aight. listen. dis shit? dis is a blog, son. a section where I post updates and sheet or whatever about anything, mang. Jou don’t even rekk’nize.


So, updates and stuff! First off, Jessie is going at a slow but steady pace and is now available on both my deviantart (i’m sorry, i know, it hurts me too) and a new wattpad page! The wattpad page makes it easy to keep up with new chapters and makes it easy to read on mobile devices and such, and has a nice little community there. If you like Jessie and want to promote it, go ahead and sign up!

New stuff will always be here, though. Wattpad’s more of a ‘finished product’ sort of site whereas here, I can do whatever. I own this bitch! So that means my game reviews, Jessie previews, short dream stories, etc. will all still stay right at home here. And I guess Gamnesia, if I get review banners going again, but that’s a different story.

Right now I’m working on two chapters of Jessie simultaneously, though neither are chapter 4. Sorry. To make up for that, I’m hoping to have some pretty chapter cover art made, even for the chapters that have already been published! Hopefully it all works out, as I really like the idea of each chapter being prefaced by a lovely piece of artwork. I’m hoping Chapter 4 will be the start of that trend.

I’m also hoping to start up some older projects that have never been made public before, because they’ve just been scraps of openoffice docs sitting on drives for years and years. After I catch up on the Jessie stuff (or, at least get something finished on it), I plan really start work on the two novel projects I’ve been sitting on for ages. I’m pretty sure they’ll be posted here serially (as in, once they’re finished), but I might not post them on Wattpad or anything until they’re complete. We’ll see when the time comes, though. They’re closed stories and I want to make sure they’re absolutely perfect, and posting them here so my friends can give me ideas and critique will be vital towards that goal, which leads me to….

Disqus! Turns out Disqus is free and totally works with wordpress. I have a working comment system! Please leave comments on EVERYTHING!! Tell me if you liked something in particular, or maybe if you have an idea of where to take a story in the future (like Jessie, for example. It’s nice and episodic, welcome to ideas!), or have something you want to discuss on a game review or blog post! Let’s get some conversations started!

Aaaaaaand… I think that’s it for now. Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!