Ch 2: Good Game, Princess



Jessie was nervous, walking behind everyone else as they chatted and laughed on the path to the locker rooms on the side of the field. His second day of school, and already he had to deal with his worst fear: gym class. He wasn’t really looking forward to changing in a locker room with a bunch of guys. It wasn’t because he was that embarrassed by seeing guys in their underwear, but rather he was very shy about being that nude in front of them. He wasn’t even comfortable taking off his shirt around guys. They’d usually just mock him for being girly or make jokes like ‘oh look, she’s budding!’ and try to pants him to verify things for themselves. It came to be that at his old schools, Jessie would just end up changing in the gym’s bathroom for privacy, though it only cut down on the hazing slightly. Needless to say, he was very nervous about what was to come.

Inside the room were rows and rows of lockers, each with a bench in the center, and a row of unused showers at the very back. Jessie was very thankful that showering was no longer a required part of gym thanks to a new state law that went into effect a few years before he entered junior high. Throughout all his bad memories with locker rooms in the past, he always took solace in the fact that he never once had to shower with the boys. With a glance around for an empty locker, Jessie finally realized something very important.

“Um… Mr. Schroeder? Excuse me for a moment..” he cautiously asked as the teacher was busy going over some paperwork in the gym’s office.

“What is it? I’m a little busy.” He didn’t even bother to look up at Jessie.

“Um, well, I just realized, I don’t have any gym clothes. Where can I get a uniform? Are there maybe some spare sweats I could wear today?”

“Oh, I suppose that is a problem. Here, let me look around… actually, why don’t you look around over there, I need to finish this up.” He pointed off to a corner of the office full of boxes and bins. Jessie went and took a look around, finding all varieties of sports balls and nets, a few jackets here and there, and some banners… but no uniform. Not even a stained old sweaty pair of sweatpants.

“Sorry Mr. Schroeder, but it doesn’t look like there’s any here. What should I do? Sit this one out?”

“Hmm… well, we can’t have you skipping a class on your second day of school, now can we? Here, why don’t you go to the office and ask for one? Oh, and here…” The older man scribbled something on a piece of paper and shoved it in an envelope really quick. “Take this down there too, it has to go to Mrs. Stable. Just give it to the secretary and he’ll take care of it.”

Grabbing the letter, Jessie made his way to the door, grateful to get away from the room full of screaming half-naked boys. “Stick to the main path! I don’t want you getting lost in the woods on your way there!” Mr. Schroeder yelled across the room. “Meet us in the gym after you change!” ‘This is going to be good…‘ he thought to himself with a smirk. ‘The things I do for fun around here…

“Will do!” Jessie yelled back just as he reached the door. What luck! Thanks to this, he wouldn’t have to change with the boys! At least, not until class was over. He tried to put that out of his mind, however. At least he had a few hours until then. He was almost a little happy that gym took up half the day at this school, and wasn’t a daily class. ‘Private schools sure do have nice schedules,’ he thought.

When he arrived at the main office, he noticed right away that he was drawing stares from the few students there, which he assumed were part of the student council. What they were doing there, he hadn’t a clue, but he was a bit curious.

“Um, excuse me…” he timidly asked the receptionist.

“Yes? How can I help you?” the man smiled, looking up from his computer.

“I’m Jessie Oliver, I just transferred in yesterday and I don’t have a gym uniform for class today, so I was sent here to get one. Oh, and I also have this letter that’s supposed to go to Mrs. Stable.” Jessie handed over the letter. The receptionist immediately opened it with curiosity, wondering what this could be about. After a once-over, he bust up laughing and re-sealed the letter, handing it back to the confused student.

“Alright, alright, here… Catherine, do you have a few minutes?” he called to a woman across the room.

“Sure, what’s up Craig?” Jessie immediately noticed how tall and beautiful this girl was, though she didn’t really look that much older than him.

“This student here has a letter to deliver to Mrs. Stable, and needs a gym uniform. Would you kindly lead our little friend on her merry little way?” he said with a grin.

“Her? I’m not a gi-”

“Sure thing, right this way, follow me.” She turned and headed for the door holding it open for the disgruntled Jessie, whom she seemed to completely ignore. With a sigh, Jessie obediently followed Catherine through the doors and out through the woods.

“Shouldn’t we stay on the main path, Miss Catherine?” Jessie wondered, worried about where she might be taking him.

“Nah, we’re taking a quick shortcut to Mrs. Stable. We can get your spare gym uniform there, too.” Jessie decided to trust her as they weaved their way through the woods until they came to a building that seemed pretty far away from the office. There weren’t any students around as they entered what appeared to be the locker room. “Just wait here, I’ll go get Sam. Be right back.” With that, Catherine was gone, leaving Jessie alone in the locker room’s office.

I guess we looped back around to the locker room… everyone must already be in the gym.‘ As Jessie sat there wondering what they were going to be doing for gym today, something didn’t sit right with him He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but the office somehow seemed… different. Before he could put too much thought into it though, Catherine returned with an older woman who Jessie could only assume was Mrs. Stable.

“Well hello there! I’m Mrs. Stable, and who might you be?” She seemed like a nice enough lady with a smile across her face as she met little Jessie. At least, she seemed nicer than Mr. Schroeder. This brought a little solace to Jessie.

“Hi, I’m Jessie Oliver, I’m a transfer and don’t have a gym uniform yet, so I was hoping you could get me one. Oh, and I have a letter here for you from Mr. Schroeder.” Jessie handed the letter over once again.

“Schroeder, huh? What’s that jerk want with me…” her tone changed immediately upon hearing his name. With a frown she tore open the letter and read it over, eyes bulging a bit near the end. She looked over at Jessie again with a surprise, and read the letter once more. This made Jessie pretty nervous… just what did Mr. Schroeder say about him?

“What is it? Is something wrong?” Jessie cautiously asked.

“Uh, no, nothing’s wrong dear. Thank you Catherine, I can take care of this from here.” With a smile and a small wave goodbye to Jessie, Catherine left the locker room and Mrs. Stable dug a couple of bags out of a box behind her, handing them to Jessie. “Here, these should probably fit you. Everyone’s already in the gym waiting for me, so I need to head back. After you’ve changed go ahead out those doors there and follow the path to the next building. I’ll be waiting there.”

“Alright, thank you.” The teacher took off in a bit of a hurry, leaving Jessie to find the nearest bathroom. There may have been nobody there, but he’d had too many bad experiences to take the chance. Ripping open the first bag, he found a red and white meshed top with short capped sleeves that he discovered fit rather well. ‘She has a pretty good eye for this,’ he thought, opening the second bag to find a pair of somewhat short shorts and some rather long socks. ‘These seem a bit small though…‘ he thought, sliding them on. They seemed to also fit pretty well, so he put on the socks that went halfway up his shins and decided that, while it may be a little uncomfortably short, at least he wasn’t alone. He found comfort in the fact that all the other guys had to wear the same thing.

Or so he thought. As soon as he entered the gym, he saw the boys’ class on the far side, wearing baggy red and white tops with knee-long basketball shorts, no silly socks in sight. That’s when he started putting two and two together. ‘No… it can’t be… this has to be some kind of mistake… I have to find Mrs. Stable!’ He took off in a panic, trying to avoid the gaze of the guys on the opposite side of the gym by running through the group of girls nearby, all dressed like him. ‘Gotta find her fast!’

“Jessie, there you are!” a familiar voice called out. A tall brunette girl with a ponytail rushed him, giving a big old hug to to embarrassed little boy. “I was wondering whose class you were in! I guess you’re going to be playing volleyball with us today though, right? Looks like you at least got one uniform right!” She was so ecstatic to see her new friend.

“Ash! There’s actually been some sort of mistake, I need to find Mrs. Stable right away!” Despite the confusion, at least Jessie had someone to help.

“Ok, sure, I’ll help. I think she’s just over there chatting with Mr. Schroeder.” Ash pointed off in the distance, just to the corner of the large gym with several nets set up. Jessie looked over to see Mrs. Stable laughing hysterically at something Mr. Schroeder had said. The girls ran right over, and upon seeing the red-faced Jessie, Mr. Schroeder bust up laughing too.

“H-hey! What gives?! Why did you make me wear the girl’s uniform? Did you plan this?!” It was rare for Jessie’s anger to get the best of him, but he was really embarrassed and the boys had started to take notice to what their classmate was wearing.

“Haha, I’m sorry, but this really was the only option. We don’t have any spare boys’ uniforms right now and school rules say you have to wear a uniform to gym. Besides, isn’t this more comfortable?” He smiled genuinely at the distraught little gi-, er, boy. Jessie understood the situation, but still didn’t like it. On one hand, he wouldn’t have to change with the boys, and on the other hand, baggy clothes caused problems with him in gym. The baggy shorts would always fall down and the shirt would make it hard to move as it got all twisted up around him. At least with fitted clothes, he could move freely. That didn’t mean he wasn’t still upset though.

“I can’t do gym like this, everyone will laugh at me even more than normal! This is way too embarrassing!” Jessie pleaded. Ash just stood there, confused as to what they were talking about, but she didn’t put too much thought into it.

Mr. Schroeder pulled Jessie aside, getting serious for a moment. “While the circumstances are out of my control, isn’t it better this way? I saw how uncomfortable you were in the locker room around the guys, and honestly, this does suit you better. Why don’t you have your gym class with the girls? I’ve already gone over it with Mrs. Stable and she’ll watch your back, and besides, nobody will be able to make fun of you. They’ll just think you’re a normal girl. You won’t have to deal with all those stares and awkward questions during gym. Doesn’t that sound appealing?”

Jessie was still blushing and angry, but he had to agree. He didn’t like it one bit, but he wouldn’t have to deal with being harassed in the locker room by the boys or be exposed to their grossness when changing, wouldn’t have to deal with people trying to pants him, and as much as he hated it… he had to admit, he did look like a girl. With that gym uniform, nobody would know that he was a student on the boys’ side. After a minute of mental deliberation, he ultimately decided that it would be nice to be treated normally for once, even if it meant having to cross-dress. No more stares, at least for now. If this plan worked, he might even be able to enjoy the class he used to dread.

“…alright, I’ll do it. Are you sure this will be ok? I’m not going to get made fun of or anything?” Jessie looked at Mr. Schroeder with pleading eyes.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. Mrs. Stable will help if you need anything, and I’ll deal with the boys, ok?” Mrs. Stable walked over to join in.

“All we want is for you to have a happy and engaging school life, and that includes being able to safely and comfortably engage in gym class with everyone else. We’re not trying to make fun of you or anything. We’re honestly looking out for your best interests.” She knelt down to meet his eye level with a smile. “Really, we’re just trying to help. If you don’t want to do this, you can sit it out until your boys’ clothes arrive in a few weeks. We’d hate for you to miss out on gym because of this, though.”

Jessie looked up into her honest smile and again towards Mr. Schroeder and sighed. “Alright, alright. Ash, is it ok if I’m on your team?” Jessie said, walking over to the girl who was just rocking back and forth on her heels, mind wandering to nowhere.

“Hmm? Oh, yes, of course! Let’s go, they’re waiting on us!” She grabbed his hand and with a tug, they were trotting off towards one of the nets.

“Hey, do you really think this is a good idea?” Mrs. Stable said to Schroeder while watching the girls run off.

“Nope, not in the slightest. But it’ll be fun, don’t you think?” He said with a grin.

“You’re so cruel to that poor kid. Is he really a boy, though? I find it hard to believe.”

“Me too. I’m just waiting until the day we find out for sure, that’s going to be hilarious either way it turns out.”

Sam gave him a nasty look, and then looked back at the girls, who were now engaging in their first game. “…five bucks says he’s actually a girl.”

“You’re on.” With a handshake to seal the deal, the teachers went back to their respective side of the gym.

When Mr. Schroeder returned to the far side of the gym where his boys had stopped playing to stare at the girls, one of the guys asked him, “hey… was that Jessie over there? Wearing the girls’ uniform?”

Mr. Schroeder shrugged. “Yup. I thought it’d be more fitting than playing with us, don’t you agree?”

The boys nodded in unison, some of them blushing as they stared at their princess from across the gym. “Then we’re agreed. And nobody make fun of him over this, or you’ll be dealing with me, got it?” They nodded in unison once more.

“We wouldn’t dream of it…” the one boy said right before a volleyball smacked him in the head, breaking his gaze across the gym.

On the other side, Ash and a very nervous Jessie arrived at the net where several other girls had been waiting. “Who is this?” one of the snootier girls asked.

“Uh.. I-I’m Jessie. I’m new here…” Jessie looked awkwardly at his feet, hoping they wouldn’t find out.

“Yeah, she’s going to be on our team!” Ash practically cheered, pulling Jessie into position in the second row.

“Alright, whatever, let’s just get started.” The snooty girl jumped, smacking the ball as hard as she could. Ash dived and hit it at the last moment before hitting the floor.

“Jessie, get it!” Jessie ran to the spot where the ball would fall and smacked it as hard as his delticate little wrist could, sending it just barely past the girls on the other side of the net.

The girls on his side cheered at him. “Alright, first point! Great job, new kid!”

“Told ya she’d be great!” Ash smiled, dusting herself off. Jessie just awkwardly smiled, rubbing his sore wrist. It may not be ideal, but this was the most fun he’d ever had in gym class. They finished their first set of games without one awkward stare or questioning comment. He was actually having fun! At school! He was genuinely enjoying himself at school for the first time ever, a high he owed to Mr. Schroeder and the embarrassing uniform.

A few hours later, Ash and Jessie’s team had actually placed first in the team brackets! They jumped for joy, with Jessie smiling and laughing right along with them. With a blast of Mrs. Stable’s whistle, the din died down and the girls were met with some interesting news.

“Since your team placed first in our class bracket, your final match will be a best two out of three against the boys’ team that placed first. Good luck, Jessie.” With a wink at the boy with dread written across his face, she blew the whistle once more and the boys rushed to the net in the center of the gym. As the girls made their way over, Ash noticed Jessie’s enthusiasm had just been destroyed.

“What’s wrong? We got this, don’t you worry about a thing!” Ash smiled at the would-be girl, patting her on the back. Jessie just looked up at her, and with that beaming face of pure optimism, found the will to go through with this. “You’ve got nothing to worry about with us here! We’ll take those damn boys down!”

“Thanks Ash…” Jessie half-heartedly replied. They made their way to the net, and the rest of the boys and girls from the classes took their spectator seats on the gym floor, ready for the final match. The girls were cheering their star team on, and the boys blushed and looked away awkwardly, not sure how to deal with their Princess being in her new position. The boys team were whispering amongst themselves, not sure if this was even ok to do.

“H-hey Jessie… is this.. this really ok with you?” Eric dared to ask. “I mean… are you ok with playing against us? Playing on their side?” The other boys looked on, waiting for Jessie’s response.

“Well… the teachers agreed on this and… well, I’m actually having fun.” Jessie awkwardly laughed to Eric. “I’m not afraid to admit, I’m having too much fun to be distracted by the embarrassment.” This newfound confidence shocked the boys and Jessie himself. He didn’t think he had it in him to ever enjoy school, let alone while dressed as a girl. The boys just shrugged amongst themselves, some of them even finding Jessie, with his arms crossed behind his back, smiling and laughing with just a hint of blush on his cheeks, cuter than usual. Certainly more than a few of them were questioning things about themselves they never would have thought to ask.

“Stop chatting with your boyfriend and let’s get this show on the road!” one of Jessie’s teammates shouted, with a few giggles from the rest of the team and Eric looking away in embarrassment.

Jessie’s face was completely flushed red when he whipped around shouting, “He’s NOT my boyfriend!!”

“Yeah, whatever girl, just serve the ball,” she said, tossing it to Jessie. With a small scowl on his face, he took a deep breath and launched the first strike, snapping the boys out of their awkward confusion and taking the first point.

The girls’ side erupted in cheers and Jessie gave Eric a challenging smile, which he returned outright. The rest of the game was very heated, with Jessie and Ash dominating the front row with a somewhat shorter girl named Mary. The boys fought hard too, keeping their distractions at bay. While it was getting pretty competitive, Ash, Jessie, and Eric were having a great time together.

With a tweet from Stable’s whistle and an approving smile from Schroeder, the girls rushed to the net, screaming and cheering with applause from the boys as the girls won their second game.

“Good game, Princess.” Eric said with a smile, holding out his hand to the ‘girl’ who had the arms of her teammates around her. Breaking away, she hopped over to Eric and returned the shake.
“You too, I had a lot of fun!” Jessie never thought he could be so happy as he was at this moment, and he carried it with him all throughout the rest of the day. He was so beside himself that he had no trouble changing back into his normal boy uniform in the bathroom of the girls’ locker room and returning to Mr. Schroeder’s class on the other side of the field. It seemed to him that, despite the circumstances and his seemingly ridiculous outfit, he managed to make a lot of new friends and earn some respect (or unwanted admiration) from the boys in his class.

With the day behind him, Jessie began to make his way to the parking lot, a smile still beaming across his face. On his way, several of the boys from class walked with him, asking all sorts of questions. “What was it like in the girls’ locker room?” “Do you think you can hook me up with that one girl?” “Do you maybe want to catch a movie this weekend?” Jessie casually dodged the questions when he saw his parents’ car in the lot and ran towards it.

“Sorry guys, I don’t have time to chat today, I have to get to work! I’ll see you tomorrow!” And with a wave, he left a group of heartbroken boys on the curb.

“Well it looks like you had a good day! And even made some guy friends! It’s been so long since you’ve had a friend around. You should go hang out with them sometime.” His dad was so happy seeing Jessie so happy, and was even more happy that he’d made some male friends. He knew his son got along better with girls, so maybe this was a sign of good things to come. He certainly hoped so. “So why are you all smiles today? Something good happen? I haven’t seen you this happy in what feels like years.”

“Well, we played volleyball today against the boys and, well, it just turned out way better than expected. My team even won! We kicked the guys’ asses!”

“You played against the guys, huh? The guys from another class, or what?” his father asked, a little confused by the way he said that.

“Uh, yeah, we played against the guys from, uh, from the next grade! Yeah!” Jessie awkwardly said, realizing his blunder. What he didn’t realize, however, was that he casually referred to himself as one of the girls. Luckily his father didn’t catch on either.

“Well son, I’m happy you’ve finally had a good time at school. You’ve been so depressed in your little shell since elementary school that I was starting to get really worried about you. Really, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see you like this,” he said, nearly tearing up. “I can’t wait to tell your mother about this!”

“Thanks dad, I honestly never thought this would happen either… I haven’t felt this good since, well… ever, really. And to think I owe it all to that damn teacher and his crazy uniform scheme…”

“Er, nothing, nothing!” Jessie dodged, realizing he could never tell his dad about what led to that situation. “Oh, look, we’re here already! I’ll see you after work, ok?”

“Alright, have a good day.” With a smile and a wave, Jessie left his emotionally-moved father and ran into the small store. ‘He’s just so cute when he’s happy, it’s downright adorable. It’s almost a shame he wasn’t born a girl,‘ he thought to himself. ‘Such a waste.

In the store, Jessie quickly ran to the back room and changed into his casual clothes when a squirrelly looking boy came running back to find him putting his apron on. “There you are! Listen, we’ve got a lot of stocking to do today. We’re supposed to get on aisle two right away.”

“Sure thing, be out in a minute,” Jessie said with a cute smile. Ryan just gave him a weird look.

“What’s got YOU in such a good mood? You shouldn’t smile like that, it makes you look weird.” Ryan gave Jessie a mocking look of disgust.

“Oh, just get lost. I’m not going to let you ruin my good mood today. I’ll be out there in a minute.”

“Whatever.” With that, Ryan ran off out to aisle two and began unpacking boxes and stocking shelves with the cans inside. After a quick check of the produce, Jessie joined him.

“So what is it? You get asked out by a guy you like?” Ryan asked coyly. Jessie shot him a glare.
“NO! …and I’m not into guys! They gross me out!”

“Oh please, I’ve seen the way they look at you sometimes, and I swear I’ve seen you looking right back.”

“Because I’m wondering why the hell they’re staring at me! Not because I want them or anything!”

“They’re staring because you look so much like a girl! They just want to take you out for a nice night out on the town, make out under the stars, and take you home to do nasty things to you,” Ryan was trying hard not to laugh at how flustered Jessie was getting.

“I’m NOT into guys! That’s disgusting! I don’t care what I look like, I’d never go out with a guy or let him so much as kiss me!”

“You say so, but maybe it’s just because you haven’t started your period yet! Once you hit puberty you won’t be able to take your lips off them!”

Jessie damn near dropped his case of canned green beans. “I’m NOT a girl! Stop calling me that you little brat or I’ll… I’ll..!”

“You’ll what, flash me? Thanks but no thanks, I’m not interested in flat-chested tomboys.” He turned back to his work, knowing he got on Jessie’s nerves.

“Why, you..!” Just then the manager came over with a horrible expression on his face.

“You two need to knock it off, you’re bickering like brother and sister!” He shouted, glaring at Ryan. Jessie gaped at him, surprised he’d side with Ryan. “You’re bothering the customers with how loud you’re being. Jessie, you can hop on register while Ryan finishes the freight all by himself.”

“Aww, what?” Ryan cried, but Jessie was just relieved to get away from him. Dropping his case of cans in a huff, he left the aisle and made his way to the register, where he was glad to discover that Jennifer was working that day. At least the rest of his day would go smoothly.

“Try not to let Ryan get to you, he just likes to see you squirm.” Jennifer was the closest thing Jessie had to a real friend, and he really enjoyed his days working with her. She always had his back and made the day go faster.

“I know, I know, but I was having such a good day, too, and what he was saying was really getting to me…” Jessie was not about to tell her that he spent most of his day enjoying class as a girl. While she would never make fun of him for it, he’d never hear the end of it from Ryan or his boss.

“It’s rare that you’re in a good mood though, did something happen at school today? You just started at a new place, right?”

“Yeah, and today we were playing volleyball against the guys and I actually beat them. I never thought I could be so active, let alone win in a sport. I used to hate gym class but today was really fun.” Jessie was starting to regain the good mood, remembering the day he had. Ryan couldn’t keep him down for long. Jennifer could always bring his mood back up. She was a few years older than him, already out of high school, but a friend nonetheless.

“Playing against the boys, huh? What, did they make you play on the girls’ team or something?” She meant it as playfully as possible, and luckily Jessie picked up on it.

“H-hey! Of course not! I just meant, uh, some of the other guys in class!” Jessie’s face had a tinge of blush to it, but with a small laugh, Jenny brushed it off.

“Well grats, I’m glad you had a good day. You’re usually so gloomy around here.”

“Yeah, well, life gets to me a lot.” Jessie said, turning in time to notice a customer come up to his register.

“Hi, how are you today?” He smiled at her as she placed her basket on the belt.

“I’m doing great, thanks, and I had a question for you,” she said with a smile.

“Sure, whatchya need?”

“I was wondering, what aisle can I find creamed corn on?”

“That’d be aisle two, near the end on the left-hand side.”

“Great, thank you, I’ll be right back.” With that, she took off towards two while Jessie began to ring up her other things. Sadly, he didn’t notice a certain little brat walk into the store. In a moment, the woman was back with a few cans.

“Did you find them ok?”

“Yup, thank you! So what are you ladies planning to do this weekend?” Jessie just sort of froze and didn’t respond.

Jennifer laughed a little, trying to defuse the awkward situation, saying, “Um… y’know, he’s a boy.”

The customer looked at Jessie shocked, who just gave an awkward smile at her. “What, really?! Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry, I just thought… you look so cute that I… well, you’re a very handsome young man.”

Jessie coughed and said thanks, blushing a bit as he went back to bagging her groceries. Laughter from behind the woman broke the awkward silence.

“Hahahaa! Don’t mind her, my SISTER’S just shy about her looks so she tells people she’s a guy!” Jason set his candy on Jennifer’s stand. “Isn’t that right, Jessica?” He shot his ‘sister’ an evil grin.

“Oh, beat it you twerp! Leave me alone!!” Jessie almost yelled, completely red in the face.

“Ah, is that so. Well, dear, you’ve got nothing to be shy about, you’re a very cute young lady and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a boyfriend. If you dressed more like a girl, maybe you’d feel better about yourself?” Jessie just looked down, defeated by a well-meaning customer lady and his evil little brother. “Have a good day, girls!”

Jason followed her out. “Bye, SIS! HAAAAAAAHAHAAAA!”

“I bloody hate him.” Jessie said through grit teeth.

“She does have a point though, you would look pretty cute dressed like a girl! I’d bet you’d have all the boys in your class after you~!” Jennifer toyed.

“..oh no, I never thought about that before…” Jessie said, suddenly realizing that maybe that’s why the guys were so cool with what happened today.

“Hey, I was just playing Jessie, no need to freak out over it.” Jennifer said with a confused look and a tilt of her head.

“…I hope you’re right. They’d never be interested in me, right? No matter how girly I look! That’d just be… that’d just be weird… wait, did one of them ask me out earlier?! No, couldn’t be…” Jessie’s mind was racing. Jennifer offered to buy him some tea to help calm him down, but the thought remained in his head for the rest of the night.

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